all classes are virtual until further notice


10:00am  VIRTUAL Mindful Movements

6:00pm  VIRTUAL Core Flow


7:00am  VIRTUAL Beginner

10:30am  VIRTUAL Slow Flow


10:00am  VIRTUAL Mindful Movements

6:00pm  VIRTUAL Slow Flow


9:00am  VIRTUAL Supported Yoga

10:30am  VIRTUAL Deep Stretch


10:00am  VIRTUAL Mindful Movements

**Special Event**

1st Saturday of the month | VIRTUAL Restorative Yoga

Saturday, June 6th  |  10:30am - 11:30am

Questions about upcoming events or classes? Feel free to call us at (936) 582-2612.

Questions about upcoming events or classes? Feel free to call us at (936) 582-2612.

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About the studio

Honoring Traditional Yoga

Sundog Yoga Studios opened October 1, 2018 in Montgomery, Texas. Our studio is a space that embodies the true yoga spirit; cultivating awareness, encouraging a sense of community, and providing the opportunity for some to begin their yoga journey while others continue to deepen their practice. We are seeking a more optimal state of balance with our mind, body, and spirit by integrating a regular practice of yoga, breath work, and meditation.

Asana and Pranayama

Asanas are the physical postures of a yoga practice or the poses and probably the most well know aspect of yoga in the West. "Sthira sukham asanam" refers to the balance of opposites in poses. How do you demonstrate effort and surrender in a pose? How do you remain rooted down yet light and lifted in a pose? The practice of the postures is an essential tool for balancing the physical body and asanas prepare our bodies for meditation.

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning lengthening of the breath, prana or life force. Ancient yogis believed they were born with a certain number of breaths in their lifetime. They practiced pranayama to slow their breathing rate and increase lung capacity in an effort to extend their life span. Pranayama effects us at the root of our physical, emotional, and spiritual being and it helps to prepare our minds for meditation. 


Meditation is about allowing our attention to settle in on the gaps and stillness between each of our thoughts. We do this by observing our thoughts without judgement, not getting caught up in their storylines, and then letting go. Meditation can create a sense of expanding or extending time because we focus on the present moment, letting the past stay in the past and not being guided by our limiting internal scripts that try to predict the future.


our space

Sundog Yoga Studios is a boutique studio in Montgomery, TX that provides the opportunity for some to begin their journey with yoga and others to deepen their practice. We look forward to practicing with you.

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