Yoga Practice | Lizard Pose

Focus:  hip openers and low body

Length: 17:27

Props: blocks and blanket

Level: all levels welcome

Instructor: Stefini

Yoga Practice | the basics

Focus: basics for your home practice

Length: 3:25

Props: just your mat :)

Level: all levels welcome

Instructor: Stacy

**Stacy shared tips on Building a Home Practice - see below**

Building a Home Practice

meditation | Visualization

Focus: Setting Sun Visualization

Length: 7:41

Instructor: Stefini

Yoga Practice | Kids Yoga

Focus: great class for tweens or younger

Length: 12:48

Instructor: Stefini

**Check out the Kids Yoga Class Plan below. Print the PDF and lead your own class.**

kids yoga class plan

  Do you have any aspiring Yogis at home for the extended break? 

If so, they can use this ‘class plan’ to teach yoga to the family. Have fun!

Download PDF

Yoga Practice | Hip Warm-Up

Focus: warming up the hips

Length: 5:08

Props: blanket

Level: all levels welcome

Instructor: Kay